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Mayer Import Company, Inc. | 39 West 38th Street | NY, NY 10018 | 212.391.3830 | 212.768.9183 (f)

Wholesale Suppliers of Imitation Stones & Beads

The Top Choice for Imitation Stones, Beads & Trimmings

Ever since 1918 Mayer Import Co., Inc, has been a direct wholesale supplier of Beads, Imitation Stones, Trimming, and Decorative Novelties to industries such as costume jewelry, ladies garments and accessories as well as displays and crafts. We take pride in having a vast selection and variety of Items applicable for these businesses. Please let us know about any specific requirements that you may have.

Vintage and Unique Beads

When you want to set trends or add flair to your outfits or designs then accessorize with some of more unusual beads and stones gotten through our international fabricators during our over 90 years of business.

Placing Orders: E-mail: or call us at 212-391-3830 or visit us Monday - Friday, 9:00AM - 4:30PM

Service Area: United States, South and Central America, the Caribbeans and Europa as well as Asia

We also have Spanish and Portuguese speaking employees, if you wish to communicate in these languages